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Sustainable Territories

Territorial planning is at the heart of contemporary issues of sustainable development. Traditionally represented by its economic spectrum, it must now position itself at a social and environmental crossroads.

In the last thirty years, territorial planning has developed in two ways: a strategic decentralization toward implementation by local authorities (including the Defferre law mandating decentralization) and an increasing penetration of environmental issues, resulting in the proliferation of dedicated planning tools (PADD, PRQA, PPA, PCET, SRCAE) and the “greening” of existing tools (DTADD, PLU…).

Current issues concerning climate, air quality, biodiversity, waste management and other environmental concerns necessitate a reevaluation of urban and rural areas and a rethinking their connections and complimentary aspects. This must be accompanied by an economic revitalization capitalizing on the opportunities presented by energy and environmental transition.

Planning is at the heart of this issue: at the national and regional level, it operates from a strategic level to set the general objectives and governmental policy framework; at the local level it makes operational sense and serves as a springboard to guide the community in their primary role relaying the action.

Our expertise in territorial planning is organized around four key and complimentary approaches: environmental planning, territorial observation, environmental assessment, support for the implementation of regional projects.

Boris Bailly is the sustainable territories contact.

Environmental Planning

A plethora of planning tools are available to local authorities to protect their environmental interests while more sectoral and operational resources such as planning documents integrate across environmental issues.

Through the construction of a strategic and shared vision for the territory in the development of an operational plan of action, I Care & Consult accompanies you in your environmental planning and gives you the keys to transition to local action, making real change for communities.

Accompagnement de 25 territoires dans la mise en œuvre de la démarche Climat Pratic
Assistance à Maîtrise d’Ouvrage pour le Plan Climat Energie Territorial du Pays d’Arles
Accompagnement de trois villes tunisiennes et trois villes marocaines dans la réalisation de leur inventaire de référence des émissions et la rédaction de leur plan d’action en faveur de l’énergie durable

Territorial Observation

Today, observation is an indispensable part of any sustainable development policy. It allows us to identify and prioritize issues, craft custom plans of action, and ensures consistency between reduction targets at different territorial levels.

This is accompanied by a high demand for operational tools and methodologies of observing the energy, climate, waste and, more recently, biodiversity.

Our expertise and know-how supporting environmental observation allows us to guide you in uniting and coordinating local actors around the production of local data.

Création de l’Observatoire régional de l’Energie et des GES (OREGES) de Corse, développement de l’outil logiciel associé adapté au contexte Corse
Réorganisation de l’Observatoire Régional de l’Energie PACA
Mise en place d’un indice de vulnérabilité municipale aux changements climatiques pour les 853 villes de l’Etat du Minas Gerais au Brésil

Environmental Assessment

The environmental assessment is intended to integrate environmental issues at the earliest possible point in the production chain in order to better support sustainable development. It analyzes the initial state of the site’s environment and the effects (positive or negative) of planned actions in order to prevent, reduce, or offset the project’s negative environmental and public health effects.

I Care & Consult supports you so that the environmental assessment of public policy doesn’t consist of only an impact assessment, but it’s also an integrated evaluation of overall development. It must be a decision-supporting tool, which prepares and guides the construction of public policy.

Evaluation Environnementale du Contrat de Développement Territorial de Paris-Saclay Territoire Sud
Construction d’un outil de suivi-évaluation air énergie des actions du Plan Air Climat Energie Régional (PACER) de la Haute Normandie dans le cadre de son élaboration
Mise en place d’indicateurs et d’un dispositif de suivi-évaluation dans le cadre de l’élaboration du Plan Climat Energie Territorial du Minas Gerais au Brésil (coopération décentralisée Nord-Pas de Calais

Implementation of Territorial Projects

Today, guiding territories as they implement strategies and action plans is a critical step toward taking action at the local level.

Project management assistance on operational activities includes support via expertise and implementation tools, but also acculturation activities, the sharing of the approach, putting it in motion, monitoring progress and improving as it progresses by capitalizing on what we learn.

I Care & Consult assures this territorial support during the operational implementation of all environmental planning and through the innovative approaches of TEPOS and TEP-CV.

Animation du réseau PACA-CLIMAT et mutualisation des territoires engagés dans des démarches de PCET
Conception et animation d’ateliers prospectifs pour les élus sur la transition énergétique
Assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage de la coopération technique liée au Programme d’appui aux investissements des collectivités locales de l’Etat du Minas Gerais présentant un co-bénéfice dans le domaine de la lutte contre le changement climatiques (ligne de crédit AFD – BDMG)
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