I Care & Consult speaks at the European seminar about low-carbon issues in strait areas.

I Care & Consult speaks at the European seminar about low-carbon issues in strait areas.

I Care & Consult spoke at the 3rd seminar organized as part of the European project called PASSAGE – Public AuthoritieS Supporting low-cArbon Growth in European maritime border regions, whose objective is to encourage low-carbon initiatives and to mitigate the environmental impacts induced by strait activities.

This project brings together 11 European partners, located on 5 maritime borders:
• The Dover Strait (the maritime border between France and Great Britain), with the involvement of the Pas-de-Calais County Council (France) and the Kent County Council (United Kingdom)
• The Gulf of Finland (in the central Baltic), with the involvement of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (Finland) and the Harju County Government (Estonia)
• The Corsica Channel, between France and Italy, with the Chamber of Commerce of Maremma and Tirreno (Italy) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bastia Haute-Corse (France)
• The Fehmarnbelt, between Germany and Denmark, with the involvement of Femernbelt Development (Denmark)
• The Strait of Otranto and the Strait of Corfu, with the Province of Lecce (Italy), Vlora Region (Albania), the Region of Ionian Islands (Greece) and InnoPolis (Greece).

This 3rd seminar dealt with the opportunity for local environment and territories attractiveness to be enhanced through low carbon strategies. It took place in Lecce (Italy) and was attended by about 50 representatives from the European project partners.

I Care & Consult introduced during the seminar the technical assistance mission it provides within the PASSAGE project. It consists in developing a greenhouse gas (GhG) calculation methodology at a strait scale, in applying it to the 5 maritime boarders of the PASSAGE project, and in supporting the low-carbon action plans design. This technical assistance mission will last for 12 months and will be performed through close collaboration with the Pas-de-Calais County Council, as PASSAGE project lead partner.

More information is available at http://www.interregeurope.eu/passage.

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