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Review and prospective analysis of the wind power sector in France: publication of a landmark study carried out by I Care & Consult

An in-depth study launched in January 2016 by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and conducted by the consortium I Care & Consult, E-Cube and In Numeri, was published at the opening of the 8th national wind conference (19th and 20th of September 2017). The executive summary in English has recently been published and is now available (link provided below).

The study establishes a full review of the French wind energy sector (production, cost, employment, export, positioning) and an assessment of the public policy support in place since 2000 (in terms of effectiveness, usefulness and efficiency). It also provides a prospective analysis of the sector and analyses its regulatory, technological and economic context. Finally, the study draws lessons and recommendations regarding the policy support and the maximisation of the social and economic value linked to the deployment of wind energy in France.

In a nutshell, the wind energy sector represents in 2015:

  • An international market worth 100 billion euros;
  • Nearly 600 companies throughout France;
  • 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs worldwide;
  • 18,000 direct and indirect FTEs in France.

Over the period 2002-2015, wind power avoided the emission of 63 million tonnes of CO2eq and about 250,000 tonnes of SO2, NOx and particulate matters. These health and environmental benefits, once monetarised, represent an estimated benefit for the community of around €3.1 to €8.8 billion, which exceeds the cost of the wind support package (€3.2 billion).

To read the Executive Summary in English

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