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Publication of the carbon emissions study in the straits of the PASSAGE project elaborated by I Care

In the framework of the PASSAGE project (Public AuthoritieS Supporting low-cArbon Growth in European maritime border regions), I Care & Consult developed the first carbon footprint study at the scale of a strait, evaluating both the greenhouse gas emissions from maritime activities and in-land activities (ports, industries, cities, tourism).

This study consisted in developing a methodology to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of straits and applying this method to the 6 straits partners of the PASSAGE project: the strait of Dover / Pas-de-Calais, the Gulf of Finland’s strait, the Fehmarn Belt, the Strait of Otranto, the Strait of Corfu and the Corsican Channel.

This study allowed the straits to better know the stakes and emitting activities in their territory and to elaborate an action plan to reduce the GHG emissions and place their strait on a decarbonization path.

The report and the monographs presenting the results of emissions for each strait are available here: https://www.interregeurope.eu/passage/news/news-article/3378/passage-carbon-study/

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