About us

France’s first independent environmental consulting company dedicated to environmental transition

After more than eight years of continuous growth of expertise and team members, I Care & Consult is today the premier independent French consulting firm on energy and environmental transition.

In 2015, I Care & Consult has been joined by the consulting department of Enviroconsult to strengthen its expertise and its geographical reach, especially in emerging countries.

In 2016, I Care & Consult has been joined by Antoine de Salins, experimented manager in the field of financial sector to reinforce and develop the I Care & Consult financial offer.

Owned by its compagny managers and employees, I Care & Consult is independent, guaranteeing objectivity in its recommendations and the services it offer its clients.

A company that listens to its clients

From the intersection of environmental expertise and consulting skills, the world of research, the areas of private enterprise, investor and public institutions, I Care & Consult precisely understands your needs and translates them into economically and environmentally advantageous projects.

We have developed our plan to be your key advisory contact: :

  • If you have a business, you are an investor or a public institution ;
  • If you are looking for a dynamic strategy, operational support or an innovative method to advance the pursuit of knowledge.
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