Our International Presence

  • Countries where I Care & Consult is represented
  • Countries of where projects are/have been underway within the last five years
  • Countries where I Care & Consult have contacts and inside knowledge

An Expertise Deployed in France and Internationally

The distribution of our team in four locations in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nantes) and two foreign posts (Morocco and Brazil) allows us a geographical reach in France and internationally.

Our strong international culture, supported by our consultants’ language skills (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic), ensures our ability to complete international projects. Our expertise, known and recognized internationally, has allowed us to complete projects in more than twenty countries in the last five years.

Additionally, for international commercial development, I Care & Consult works in close collaboration with Envirogroup, engineering firm and experts at carbon-reduction transitions and sustainable cities.

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