Our Partners

I Care & Consult’s partners

Aware that sustainable development is a problem involving many actors and requiring diverse skills in perpetual evolution, I Care & Consult has for several years established solid partnerships with structures of various kinds.

Enriching for each consultant, this mode of operation also makes it possible to meet each need and provide the added value necessary for the management of a project.

Like our competence centres, our partners are grouped into 4 major categories: business partners, organizations and institutions, research and innovation, training.

Business partners

Engineering research and consulting company created by Olivier Decherf, founder of EnvirOconsult, which offers concrete and innovative solutions to public and private actors, thus supporting them in their transition to a low-carbon economy.
Independent design office for the environmental quality of the building.
Company specialized and recognized in territorial energy planning, energy management and the development of renewable energies.
Consulting company in collective catering.
Public policy consulting firm.
Cooperative and participatory society (SCOP) specialized in the evaluation of public action, support and training.
IT agency.
Economic and statistical research company.
Survey institute and database on opinion and consumer trends.
As an agri-environmental consultant, Agrosolutions designs and deploys innovative solutions to evaluate, optimize and enhance the agri-environmental performance of companies, territories and sectors
Design office specialized in urban planning.
Consulting in eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment.
French NGO that works on development policies.

Organizations and institutions

Multi-actor association created to develop a common reflection on best environmental practices and implement practical tools for integrated environmental management at the territorial level.
An association created in September 2002 by the members of the former European Commission's technical assistance team for LIFE Environment in France, Enviropea provides support for the knowledge and understanding of European policies, actions and financial instruments, more particularly in the fields of the environment and sustainable development.
National association of French consulting professionals relating to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Technical Energy-Environment Association bringing together professionals concerned with energy and environmental issues.
Created in 1997, the ADEME International Club brings together more than 100 French eco-companies to develop the export of goods and services on the environment and energy markets. It offers a global offer of expertise and technologies to promote sustainable development.
The FIR brings together very different actors (investors, asset managers, civil society) and various sensitivities around the objective of promoting responsible finance for the real economy, contributing to the objectives of sustainable development and promoting the integrity of financial markets. To this end, it participates in the legislative debate, both in France and in Europe, whenever the development of responsible investment can be promoted, it takes or supports research initiatives in the field of responsible investment and reinforces dialogue with companies on CSR issues.
Created in 2017, Finance for Tomorrow is an initiative led by Paris financial market players to promote sustainable finance in France and abroad. This contributes to redirecting financial flows towards a low-carbon and inclusive economy, in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs).
The Science Based Targets Network aims to transform economic systems and protect the global commons – the air, water, land, biodiversity and ocean by definining what is necessary to do “enough” to stay within Earth’s limits and meet society’s needs

Research and innovation

Structure within AgroParisTech aimed at strengthening the links between the world of higher agricultural education and that of animal sector operators.
Research institute on energy efficiency and the energy sectors of the future. He is interested in complex energy systems, in various regimes, and in controlling their impacts. To this end, it develops skills in fields useful for the study of the transformation of matter and energy.
Foundation for Biodiversity Research - a platform between the various scientific actors and the actors of the biodiversity society created in 2008.
Support for the development of SMEs, SMIs and SSE structures in Ile-de-France with high potential.
Paris Region competitiveness cluster on the theme of the design, implementation and control of complex systems.
An umbrella brand aimed at bringing together French players - public and private - who want to promote, at the international level, a shared ambition for sustainable urban development.


Carbon Training Institute: the first European training institute specialising in climate and energy issues. Interventions in the context of energy-climate issues in order to provide feedback on projects carried out by I Care & Consult (insight into the technical issues related to the development of a carbon accounting method, strategic guidelines allowing the deployment of such a method on a national scale...).
Eco-Emballages invests in supporting its partners in the fields of eco-design of packaging, sorting, collection and recycling of household packaging waste.
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