Our Values

We work at I Care & Consult because, passionate about environmental issues, we are convinced of the necessity and positive impact of environmental transition. We wish to contribute to this transition by mobilizing our analytical capacities and energies to increase expertise in this field and accelerate green growth.

This conviction allows us to share the following values:


  • Participate in the construction of methodologies and tools
  • Pushing the limits
  • Put the hybridization of skills in each project
  • Make this innovation a differentiating feature


  • Systematise the sharing of expertise and missions carried out between consultants
  • Promote mutual assistance and solidarity among consultants
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere
  • Working together in all humility
  • Ensure flexible and accessible management


  • Promote team commitment and co-responsibility
  • Ensure team growth to enable personal development within I Care
  • Building a medium-term project
  • Remain agile to provide relevant answers to customers


  • Have a team of experts at the highest level on each of our subjects
  • Work rigorously and offer quality deliverables
  • Listening and responding to customer needs
  • Working independently and ethically
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