Our Vision

I Care & Consult was created in May 2008 on the basis of a shared environmental consulting vision by its founders.

Environmental strategy issues

  • Environmental issues have become strategic issues. Whether they have a direct impact on business or profitability, or directly impact the public’s expectations, those of investors or other stakeholders – environmental issues should be rigorously analyzed, strategic objectives defined, and a plan of action articulated;
  • I Care & Consult offers an environmental, technical, financial and strategic expertise, bringing a value to our clients that is unique in the consulting industry.

An essential 360° vision

  • The dual public/private approach allows us to take into account all the various strategic objectives of the different actors, and to construct a shared path between private compagnies, investors ans public actors, essential to a successful environmental transition.
  • I Care & Consult works on the same issues for investors, private compagnies and public actors, bringing everyone this triple understanding and these lessons learned through experience.

A need for research in methods of environmental, economical and financial analysis

  • The interaction between human activity and the environment is complex, and while certain issues are becoming better understood (such as greenhouse gas emissions), numerous other problems still lack models through which they can be addressed, either physically or economically;
  • Approximately 30% of I Care & Consult’s activities are dedicated to researching methods of environmental, economical and financial analysis.
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