The Circular Economy

Resources are removed from nature, transformed, consumed in multiple activities by all in society: households, businesses, administrations… The pace of this withdrawal threatens existing global reserves; furthermore, those resources are also the source of releases back into nature, particularly in the form of waste.

The circular economy is a concept-encompassing system which acts as a powerful lever to address the particular environmental issue of resources, combined with issues of territorial and economic reappropriation to address a new set of issues such as waste prevention, recycling, or the tasks of the functional economy.

In fact, in recent years, this concept has gained strength with the public and in businesses, partly because recent circular economy initiatives have been real successes (bicycle sharing, community-supported agriculture), and because it fulfills the public’s changing expectations in an economic crisis: economic benefits (jobs, cost of use) and the creation of stronger communal and territorial links (through the concept of “sharing”).

The concept of the circular economy has not yet completely stabilized. I Care & Consult has developed a vision that allows us to address all the levers of the circular economy, whether at product-level or across the country,

Our circular economy expertise is organized around four key segments: development, industrial and territorial ecology, prevention and recovery of waste, the economy of functionality.

Caroline Catalan is the contact for the circular economy division.

Developing the Circular Economy

Because the circular economy has a dual dimension (product and territory), it is necessary to adopt an overall strategic approach to identify the relevant levers to maximize environmental, social and economic value.

In this context, I Care & Consult guides you to:

  • Identify circular economy opportunities in your territory or industry;
  • Calculate the impact of the circular economy on the environment, employment and economy.
Etude d’opportunités de l’économie circulaire dans le secteur éolien
Etude d’opportunités de l’économie circulaire en France

Industrial and Territorial Ecology

The industrial and territorial economy optimizes flows at the local level through the sharing of resources between economic actors: sharing infrastructure, equipment, services, materials… The sharing economy is a powerful tool for pooling resources and closing the loop on-site.

For its public and private clients, I Care & Consult offers support in this field to:

  • Analyze issues for a specific site/territory and identify potential synergies;
  • Analyze how actors behave for proper mobilization;
  • Build a roadmap and propose a plan of action.
Stratégie de métabolisme territorial pour Paris-Saclay
Développement d’un schéma EIT sur les matériaux de construction en région lyonnaise (carrières, plateformes, recyclage)

Prevention and Recovery of Waste

The area of work here is the end of life, either by setting up a preventative approach (intervene before the degradation of the product) or to postpone the end of life (redeploy) or to develop sectors that will recast the end of life as a new beginning (reuse channels, repair or recovery and recycling).

Through its projects, I Care & Consult has gained a clear vision of the issues, perspectives and integration methods of waste prevention and recovery, whether from a regulatory, environmental, or economic perspective.

I Care & Consult supports its public and private clients through the deployment of these tactics.

Etude des freins et leviers au réemploi des matériaux et produits issus du BTP
Préfiguration d’un objectif national de prévention des déchets d’emballages ménagers
Plan d’action pour lutter contre le gaspillage alimentaire

The Functional Economy

The principal of the functional economy is to optimize usage without increasing material consumption. This approach puts value at the heart of the exchange, and can be a stabilizing factor while increasing use intensity and optimizing later-life management.

I Care & Consult supports its clients in this transition toward optimal material and thus to promote development of the functional economy.

Etude du potentiel économique de l’économie de fonctionnalité pour la France
Etudes sur le déploiement des services de mobilité partagée
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