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Global warming – due in great part to human activity, especially the consumption of fossil fuels – is one of the great challenges humanity faces in the coming years. Looking at the problem at all levels, global to local, I Care & Consult applies solutions of both mitigation (greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans) and adaptation (vulnerability diagnosis and adaptation plans) for a diverse range of organizations.

Energy transition is centrally important to a policy of mitigation, and I Care & Consult has developed a vision and expertise on the energy mix at all levels (at the national scale and at the level of project management). This expertise is many-tiered :

  • At the R&D level, I Care & Consult has for three years led a techno-economic modeling program of local energy systems, aimed at a horizon of 2025, and particularly concentrating on the role of renewables in those systems;
  • At the strategic level, I Care & Consult conducts studies for private- and public-sector actors in the development of renewable energies and smart grids at the national and European level;
  • At the operational level, I Care & Consult conducts energy audits and gives recommendations as part of development projects.

Our expertise in energy and climate matters is organized around five key areas : Energy efficiency, Renewables and smart grids, Fuel poverty, Climate change mitigation & adaptation, financing of energy and climate transition.

Léo Genin is the contact for the Energy/Climate division.

Energy Efficiency

In the context of changing energy prices, global warming, and the depletion of fossil resources, curbing the demand for energy is an essential step. Changing peoples’ habits to encourage energy efficiency is key to reducing energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases.

I Care & Consult has extensive knowledge of this subject, which concerns all human activities. I Care & Consult therefore supports, for example, the implementation of energy efficiency programs in the building sector (energy renovation plans and systems of renovation), the development of energy efficiency strategies for urban development projects, or the installation of smart meters for home energy efficiency.

Renewables and Smart Grids

The development of renewable energy and issues of their integration are important for reducing energy expenses, dependance on fossil fuels, and the carbon intensity of the electricity grid.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of energy markets, business models and players in the electrical systems world, as well as our knowledge of the technical features of the smart grid, I Care & Consult has well-developed skills in creating techno-economic energy system models for the study of the renewable energies market, cots/benefit analyses of smart grid projects…

These skills allow I Care & Consult to support companies in developing their energy-sector activities, as well as public institutions considering this subject, through market studies, prospective strategy analysis or specialized training.

Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is a crucial issue in the context of the economic crisis and falling household purchasing power. INSEE estimates that 22% of French households are in situations of “fuel poverty” when it comes to their energy consumption related to home heating, hot water, and car transportation.

I Care & Consult has well-known and recognized expertise on the topic of fuel poverty: its main causes, the actors involved in the fight against energy insecurity, and the financial mechanisms involved. I Care & Consult aims to assist companies and governments seeking to better understand and integrate the concept of dependence of certain energy sectors, or of energy insecurity in households, and the associated issues.

Adapting to Climate Change

The fifth IPCC report confirmed that climate change caused by human activity is indisputable. This warming leads to severe impacts that are already visible and which affect our daily lives, our livelihoods, ecosystems and infrastructure. Facing this situation, adjustments are necessary to reduce existing pollution and prevent future pollution, but also to seize upon beneficial opportunities afforded by this situation.

I Care & Consult’s experts have extensive knowledge of observed impacts and future risks of climate change and have mastered the diagnostic tools and processes needed to construct an adaptation and risk management strategy. I Care & Consult assists companies and governments that seek better knowledge of these issues, and also identifies concrete solutions to reduce vulnerability.

Financing the Energy and Climate Transition

Energy transition requires colossal financial resources to achieve the objective of dividing greenhouse gas emissions by four by 2050. The complicating factors are many: lack of household savings, lack of interest in energy savings for financial institutions, additional costs associated with renewable energy, etc.

Financing the energy transition is therefore a real challenge. Faced with this, solutions emerge, supported by public policies, especially laws regarding green energy transitions and European Structural Funds: third-party financing, subsidized loans, tax credits, capacity mechanisms, sales tax, energy savings certificates…

I Care & Consult has expertly completed numerous projects on the economic tools that can support energy efficiency and renewable energy production, and helps its clients to understand the issues, develop strategies, and find solutions to their issues.

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