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Environmental Transition (ET) funding, a new challenge for businesses and communities to integrate

Companies and communities are being pressured by their stakeholders to initiate or accelerate their environmental transition.

  • Funding the environmental transition almost inevitably translates into significant investments. Taking an equity stake in or creating a company, transforming and greening the business model of an existing activity to increase its green share, reducing carbon intensity or financing a 2° strategy, deploying 3rd industrial revolution concepts in a territory, mitigating physical or transition risks, etc.
  • The European recovery plans will make significant funds available to local authorities and companies, and priority will be given to quality projects.
  • Before looking for funding, it is essential to model in order to evaluate the economic and financial impact of the planned strategy and therefore to be able to optimise the approach and maximise its return on investment.

Expertise of I Care & Consult

Our expertise in environmental transition funding is organized around four key areas:

  • Strategic and operational consulting
  • A capacity to reflect at different levels: product, site, company, community. From local to international level
  • Financial and economic modelling as well as creation of customized analysis tools
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental issues for major economic sectors

Steps to follow for a Successful Environmental Transition

Patrick Foltzenlogel is the contact for the Funding and Modelling division.

Understanding economic and financial issues

  • Territorial analysis, panorama of key players
  • Benchmarks that show the sector’s state of the art
  • Energy efficiency as well as regulatory audits
Analysis of the Microgrid offer market potential
Market study and local development of CO2 from methanisate°
Energy efficiency, prioritization of actions based on cashflow

Identify and analyze the key drivers

  • Financial modelling (P&L, cash flow, balance sheet)
  • Economic modelling (prospective, public policy evaluation, employment impact)
Energy and carbon price impact analysis in the financial analysis of investment projects
Financial due diligence in the context of a project to acquire an equity stake in a photovoltaic (PV) shade manufacturer.

Innovate and define new models

  • Financial, economic and strategic review of business plans & models
The French regions Hauts de France and Grand Est: outlook for the circular economy and energy transition; job impact analyses
Development of profitable business models for the circular economy in the Building and Public Works sector

Take action

  • Search for funding (debt, capital, grants…)
  • Support in obtaining funding
Search for funding for more than twenty project leaders
Financing Energy Transition Projects
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