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Successful Environmental Transition Through Innovation

A successful environmental transition – which is to say, the transformation from a large-environmental-footprint company into a highly-environmentally-efficiency enterprise – we must meet two challenges:

The Overall Impact of Environmental Solution

Current tools and methodologies do not always allow for impact evaluation (lack of information, modeling not possible on a pertinent scale) in the implementation of environmental solutions (innovative materials, electric vehicles, renewable energy…) that fit into the balance of dynamic systems. This uncertainty further drags the pace of developing these solution (biofuels, electric vehicles…) and regularly is a cause of the “stop & go” that hinders environmental transition.

The Economic Impact of Environmental Solutions

Determining the cost of solutions is often complicated by this sector’s relative immaturity, which makes it vulnerable to the uncertainties of financial development. Similarly, it is often difficult to determine the benefits, with their manifestation highly dependent on complex, evolving variables (global prices of energy and resources) and regulatory factors (quotas, establishment of new markets, subsidies…). In addition, beyond these still-forming economic models, the financial mechanisms for realizing these solutions are today limited.

Also, whether for private companies or public institutions, the cost/benefit analysis is currently difficult and complex, burdening individuals’ decision-making process and public policymaking. That’s why it is essential to innovate, to model and design:

  • The economic parameters;
  • Financial and methodological tools providing the framework for effective decision-making, adapted to assess the impact of tomorrow’s environmental solutions.

I Care & Consult Recognized for its Research Activity

Wishing to contribute the full amount possible to the success of the environmental transition, I Care & Consult is committed to investing in research advancing knowledge on the environmental and economic assessment of new technologies, organizational changes…

To inform decision-makers, public and private. Recognized by the scientific by the scientific community in the different areas it covers, I Care & Consult was accepted as a member of the Pôle de Compétitivité Systematic in December 2012 and is now entrusted with work from increasing numbers of R&D departments of private groups and public agencies.

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