Alexis Tressol


Alexis is a consultant within the « Nature and living systems » division. He is involved in the division’s four main topics: Biodiversity, Water, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production.

Before joining I Care & Consult, Alexis worked as part of a research team at an Australian university (UWA) where he worked on non-market valuation of the coast and its environmental services. Then, he did an internship at the French Ministry of the environment during which he carried out a study on the mitigation hierarchy in marine systems. Previously, Alexis helped real estate projects throughout their environmental labelling (BiodiverCity Label).

Alexis holds a Master degree from AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences), where he followed the “Environment” specialization and another Master degree “Innovation and Performance in Companies” from the University of Paris-Saclay.


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