Support the state and local authorities in environmental and social impact performance improvement by communicating the strategy and extra-financial evaluation follow-up

The general movement of social responsibility of organisations has been developing for several years, including the obligation for local authorities (public authorities for inter-municipal cooperation and municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants) to draw up an annual report on the state of sustainable development in their territory. 

At the same time, “green budget” initiatives, aimed at quantifying the environmental impacts of expenditure voted by the state or local authorities, have also multiplied. These initiatives make it possible, among other things, to highlight actions and expenditures that contribute to the environmental transition. “Green budgeting” represents an opportunity for public organisations to improve the transparency of their budgetary expenditure and in particular the budgetary efforts undertaken in favour of the climate.

These extra-financial reporting processes meet several objectives:

  • Reporting on the public player role in the implementation of environmental goals
  • Enabling accurate monitoring of environmental objectives over time, using impact indicators
  • Translating the solid requirements in terms of transparency and commitment of local authorities to the environmental transition
  • Demonstrating the coherence between public policies and the actions supported on the ground

Succeed in extra-financial reporting and green budgeting

  I Care accompanies you in the 5-step process:

  1. Provide clear, precise and solid information on the societal and environmental issues in the public sector through a materiality matrix
  2. Define performance indicators with stakeholders by understanding their needs and defining the main issues to be highlighted
  3. Carry out an environmental budget assessment by assisting the local authority in the implementation of a structured and renowned methodology
  4. Implement a continuous improvement strategy for the local authority by making a detailed presentation of the results
  5. Highlight the report through the development of a communication plan and the facilitation of training workshops for stakeholders.