Reallocating capital towards sustainable finance

Financial institutions have a crucial role to play in economic development, thus the environmental transition.

This is why we are convinced that different financial players (institutional investors, pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, banks …) have a responsibility to showcase concrete solutions to all the environmental challenges, in particular those that will impact their business models.

As a financial player, you are confronted with the double materiality challenge:

The impact of your financial activities on environmental issues and the impact of environmental issues on your financial activities.

I Care has built its expertise for the past eight years around this impact concept, its measurement and its strategic and operational consequences for companies and public authorities.

The success of this development and its critical mass of expertise (about thirty engineers) now allows it to significantly strengthen itself in providing consulting services to its clients in the financial world. The objective is to provide them with the right metrics and methodologies that make it possible to evaluate and manage the consequences of their financial activities to the environment or, conversely, to find with them the tools that allow them to decline and optimize the financial consequences of their environmental objectives.