Environmental performance analysis of investment opportunities and recommendations

The analysis of material environmental issues for investment opportunities allows financial institutions to assess the level of environmental risk of the asset, to understand the challenges that the financial asset will face during the investment period, and to define an extra-financial business plan.

This constitutes an added value that the investor can bring to the financed asset by improving risk management and identifying main opportunities.

Succeed in the environmental transition of your financial assets

  1. Carrying out environmental due diligence aimed at qualifying the material extra-financial issues of the asset (company, real estate or infrastructure project), as well as its level of maturity to integrate them. This analysis can include qualitative and quantitative aspects (green share, temperature trajectory, etc.)
  2. Development of an action plan and definition of indicators to monitor the environmental performance and maturity of the asset
  3. Adapted to the context of each player: awareness-raising and training of the operational and executive teams, environmental assessments (GHG emissions assessments, ACT, etc.), support the transformation of the business model, etc.