True to its convictions, I Care is committed to sustainable development on a daily basis

Invested and faithful to our convictions, we are committed to respecting the principles of sustainable development on a daily basis, both internally and within the framework of the missions we carry out with our clients. For example, each year we assess our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and evaluate the carbon cost of our services.

Although our impact is relatively limited, we believe that we have a significant indirect positive impact thanks to our ability to mobilize many stakeholders during our missions, and through our recommendations.

Our efforts in terms of CSR have been rewarded by various organizations. We were recognized by Zei listing for our commitments to ecological and social transition.

Our employees

  • Training: two training sessions per month are offered to employees on environmental topics
  • International and equal-opportunity team
  • Transparent and inclusive Governance that promotes Diversity

Our work environment

  • Carbon Footprint: measuring the evolution of our annual emissions and reducing it
  • Office electricity supply from a supplier with a direct contract to renewable electricity production plants
  • Green IT: implementation of a responsible digital charter
  • Zero Waste: a zero-waste kit is offered to each employee (water bottle, tote bag, Tupperware…)

Our impact on customers & society

  • Improving global practices through our climate, biodiversity, and ESG expertise implementation
  • 30% of employees’ time is dedicated to research on environmental, economic, and financial analysis methods
  • Awareness-raising of students and professionals thanks to our employees who are trained in The Climate Fresk
  • Communication and publication to the general public through white papers, called Insights, conferences, and interventions