Supporting companies in their extra-financial communication to investors and other stakeholders

Stakeholders are placing increasing emphasis on corporate non-financial reporting, whether in a regulatory (European taxonomy) or voluntary (TCFD, CDP) framework.
European regulations now require companies subject to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) to report on their share of eligible activity and align with the European taxonomy, which represents a significant effort.
Beyond the regulatory obligation, the taxonomy represents a risk and an opportunity to ease access to financing.

Succeed your extra-financial reporting

I Care is familiar with the expectations of stakeholders (financial players, analysts, NGOs) and supports companies throughout the process.

  1. Training and awareness-raising for management and operational teams
  2. Diagnosis of the performance of extra-financial communication and proposals for improvement
  3. Support for specific exercises: TCFD-compliant climate report, TNFD-compliant biodiversity report, European taxonomy report, CDP assessment
  4. Support for communication with stakeholders (Investor Day, etc.)