Measuring the socio-economic impacts of plans and programmes, and identifying the public policy opportunities for the environmental transition

The observation of socio-economic impacts is an essential element of any environmental transition strategy, for local authorities or companies.

This assessment is particularly useful in determining priority issues, defining appropriate and relevant action plans, and making environmental objectives consistent at different levels.

Succeed in socio-economic assessment

I Care’s support is structured in 4 steps:

  1. Measure the impacts of a strategy, plan or programme by quantifying direct, indirect and induced socio-economic impacts. The analysis which can be combined with the measurement of environmental impacts
  2. Develop a local development strategy by supporting the identification of players for local partnerships, by structuring a local purchasing policy and by evaluating the potential sector development
  3. Structure its extra-financial reporting by enriching it with the socio-economic footprint of the plan or programme
  4. Communicate on its socio-economic footprint through a communication strategy on the local footprint of the plan or programme and the formalisation of communication guidelines