We have entered an emergency phase where the pace of change must accelerate, all stakeholders involved need to start industrialising sustainability practices within their organisations without further delay.
Training is becoming an essential lever for all teams and professions, enabling them to enhance their skills in all areas of sustainable development expertise.

Our vision

With over 10 years’ experience in tailor-made training, we’re going one step further with I Care Academy: the training center dedicated to sustainable transformation.

Our aim is to train, inspire and guide people from all walks of life, from students to professionals, on their journey towards more responsible practices.

With a holistic approach, our training courses cover a wide range of expertise in sustainable development, tailored to each sector of activity. From climate to biodiversity, from life-cycle analysis to CSRD reporting, our comprehensive offering is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, whatever its level of maturity in the field.

Since 2020, I Care Academy already counts


Our trainings

Our training organisation is Qualiopi certified and developed by the experts at I Care by BearingPoint.

They are available:

  1. Today via our online catalogue below or ;
  2. On demand and tailored to your organisation to maximise the impact of your sustainable transformation.

Our catalogue

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Our on-demand training courses for organisations and institutions

You would like to organise training within your own organisation?

We design tailor-made courses to meet the specific needs of your teams in terms of skills development.

We develop the content so that our modules are adapted to your organisation’s activity, its maturity on sustainable development issues, its commitments and its ambitions in this area.


Our training courses for educational organisations

You would like to organise trainings in your school or university?

We have also been running training courses for educational institutions for several years.

We tailor the content of our modules to the specific needs of educational courses.