Assessing the impact of digital operations, as well as the benefits of digitalising services

Although digital technology is a powerful tool for decarbonising several sectors, it also has its own footprint which must be controlled.
Any company that digitalizes itself must therefore both assess the contribution of digital technology to its decarbonisation, but also put in place an action plan to reduce the impact of its digital services.
For companies in the digital sector (network, hardware, software), the major challenge is to reduce all environmental impacts, from upstream to downstream, throughout their value chain.

Succeed your sustainable IT strategy

  1. Understanding the environmental challenges of digital technology
    Via training for management and operational teams
  2. Measuring the impact of its activity with regard to its digital challenges and displaying its impact
    By carrying out carbon assessments and GHG evaluation tools
    By carrying out Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    Via the calculation of the contribution to avoided emissions
  3. Define objectives and a trajectory for reducing its impacts 
    By developing low-carbon strategies, defining low-carbon trajectories or roadmaps to reduce its impact