Assess the policies, plans and programmes of public stakeholders by measuring their impact while making recommendations to improve their effectiveness

The purpose of evaluating public policies (but also plans and programmes) is to measure the impacts and assess the results obtained to improve public action. Evaluation has played an increasing role for several years in France and is becoming an essential exercise at all territorial scales.
In this context, I Care brings its cutting-edge expertise on environmental and social issues, which are increasingly important in evaluation.

Succeed in strategy, plan and programme assessment

I Care designs and implements tailor-made assessment approach, adapted to each system, following the three classic stages of an assessment:

  1. Defining a solid assessment framework with clear objectives, scope and working method
  2. Providing a critical review to each answer of the assessment question through a qualitative and quantitative bibliographical analysis, but also by mobilising all the stakeholders through surveys and interviews
  3. Assisting public players in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their policies, plans and programmes by developing recommendations on future developments