Support public stakeholders in the development of environmental policies by enabling them to define a shared vision and implement a joint action plan

Public players have an essential role to play in the environmental transition. They contribute and promote change through the implementation of environmental public policies.

Moreover, the significant increase in the number of local authorities subject to the obligation of setting up environmental procedures as well as the diversification of the policies to be implemented requires support for the territories on these subjects.

Succeed in the development of environmental public policy

I Care can provide technical and strategic support in the development of environmental public policy, by following these steps:

  1. Identifying environmental challenges, through quantitative and qualitative work formalised in an environmental diagnosis
  2. Defining strategic orientations and goals in collaboration with territorial stakeholders and players
  3. Analysing the impact of the action plan on the environmental issues identified beforehand, through the environmental assessment of public policies
  4. Defining relevant monitoring and steering indicators, allowing an in-depth global evaluation of the public policy.