Defining and implementing the environmental strategy

Companies have been working for many years to find the impactful roadmaps to integrate the environment at the heart of their strategy.

Given the rapid acceleration of society’s consideration of the environment and the unavoidable nature of climate & biodiversity issues for any economic activity, companies must evolve their models.

They can no longer content themselves with following fast-moving regulations (recent French Energy Growth Transition Regulations for Green Growth and the Biodiversity Protection Regulation), they must position themselves in the energy and environmental shift.

To successfully implement their transition strategy, companies have different risks and opportunities related to their industry, their products and their positioning. It is about identifying them precisely and making the best technical and financial investment decisions to ensure their performance by 2020 and beyond.

I Care assists private companies in:

  • Definition of their environmental strategies
  • Identification of opportunities related to green industries
  • Development of assessment tools dedicated to the company’s activities
  • Knowledge-enhancement of their stakeholders