Restoring the balance between biodiversity and economy

We are currently experiencing the 6th mass extinction of life (mass extinction being defined as the loss of a majority of species in a short geological time, caused by a catastrophic natural event). Species are now becoming extinct 100 times faster than in “extinction-free” geological periods.
The IPBES (the equivalent of the IPCC for biodiversity) identifies 5 pressure factors at the source of this crisis: changes in land and sea use, overexploitation of resources, climate change, pollution and invasive alien species. Economic activities contribute directly (or indirectly via their value chain) to these pressures; they can also be the catalyst for new practices that can significantly reduce these pressures, or even restore the living system.


Private companies

  • Biodiversity Impact Assessment, either qualitative or quantitative (CBF, PBF, GBS, SBF)
  • Training and acculturation of teams to biodiversity topics and piloting tools
  • Support in the development of an SBTN strategy

Financial institutions

  • Training and acculturation of teams to biodiversity issues
  • Support in the design and implementation of biodiversity-oriented funds

Public organizations

  • Support in the development of territorial biodiversity strategy
  • Assessment of ecosystem services
  • Impact assessment of certain business practices