Supporting your entity by structuring and drafting a solid report that conveys your vision and meets all the regulatory requirements

The ESG-Climate disclosures of financial players are part of new regulatory frameworks (Article 29 of the French Energy-Climate law) and they are more demanding than the previous ones. These new requirements are going beyond regulatory constraints.
They are above all an opportunity to articulate the entities’ strategy, ambition and to highlight the achievements met. Financial institutions can produce impact reports, at the broad entity level or for selected flagship funds, which reflect an innovative approach in this field and concretely measure the positive impacts generated by the investments made.

Succeed in ESG & Impact Reporting

  1. Analysis of past ESG climate reports according to best reporting practices and regulatory requirements
  2. Definition of the editorial line of the annual ESG-Climate report in order to develop the communication plan and strategic ambition axe
  3. Building a strong ESG-Climate report: data collection and analysis, assistance in the partial or complete drafting of the annual report