Contribute to carbon neutrality by outlaying and implementing a GHG emissions reduction strategy aligned with the Paris Agreement

Six years after the Paris Agreement, we are now witnessing a mainstreaming of the climate issue for all companies: aware of the stakes for all their stakeholders, from employees to customers and investors, companies want to define their own path towards decarbonisation, based on increasingly precise and operational benchmarks such as SBTi.

Beyond the stated objective, it is now a matter of delivering results by integrating the climate criterion into the company’s main processes (procurement, investments, etc.). I Care is a pioneer in carbon strategy and knows how to adapt its support to the degree of maturity of companies.

Succeed in your carbon neutral strategy

  1. Measure the company’s carbon footprint, using the GHG Protocol or Bilan Carbone method, on all scopes (including Scope 3). Make this footprinting exercise an integrated approach to the company’s processes
  2. Define a transition strategy. From SBTi aligned objectives to a comprehensive strategy inspired by the ACT framework, based on a solid technical and economic analysis
  3. Contribution to carbon neutrality. Beyond its own perimeter, direct its products and services to contribute to the decarbonisation of other stakeholders, whether through carbon reduction or sequestration levers.
  4. Integration into the company’s processes. Build an operational action plan to involve the various business departments (procurement, finance, R&D, marketing, etc.) in the decarbonisation effort