Deploying public policies that meet the environmental challenges

Public players (State, State services, agencies or public establishments, Regions, Departments, local authorities, etc.) have a crucial role to play in the environmental transition. In addition to the exemplary role expected of them in their immediate field of intervention, they are often involved in developing environmental public policies. 

Nevertheless, they are now facing growing pressure from two sides: 

  • On the one hand, a growing concern of all social players (companies, investors, citizens) about environmental challenges
  • On the other hand, a lack of results in reducing environmental impacts, particularly on the climate and biodiversity.

In this context, the main challenge for public players today is to strengthen their leading position in the field of ecological transition, in order to accelerate implementation and support the scaling up of transition projects by involving all players in their respective territories. 

Since 2008, I Care has been supporting all public players with the ambition of positioning itself at the crossroads of territorial, economic, environmental and sectoral issues, with the aim of providing strategic advice based on this understanding and vision of the issues at stake at 360 degrees.

From the design to the evaluation of public environmental policy, from multi-sector strategic foresight to the socio-economic assessment of plans and programmes, including the development of green budgets, I Care provides a unique team in the consultancy sector, with the ability to combine environmental, technical, financial and strategic expertise necessary to build systems that meet the challenges. 

Finally, I Care stands out for its known and recognised know-how in the development of environmental, economic and financial analysis methods and tools, which are necessary to redirect decision-making in order to respect planetary limits.