Florian Diot-Néant


Florian is junior consultant in Sustainable Product team at I Care & Consult. He mainly works on missions related to product Life Cycle Analysis.

Before joining I Care & Consult, Florian did a co-advised Ph. D program between Univeristy of Florida, where he spent 3 years, and URD-ABI by AgroParisTech. He focused his research on the development of library of bio-based monomers and sustainable polymers derived from the cellulose-based levoglucosenone. Florian’s reasearch approach was mainly driven by green chemistry and the necessity to propose less energy consuming and more sustainable processes involving greener conditions. He also decided to perform LCA of the processes he developped.

Florian received his Ph. D from both University of Florida and ABIES. He also graduated from Chimie ParisTech and did a BTS at Ecole Nationale de Chimie Physique et Biologie. He is fluid in english and also speaks french.

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