Margaux Jacob


Margaux Jacob is a consultant at I Care since January 2021. She works mainly on issues of public policy evaluation, the creation of economic modeling tools, data collection, and processing. She brings her expertise in public policy economics and environmental economics. She has contributed to the elaboration of prospective scenarios for different sectors, to the writing of institutional reports, and to the evaluation of economic impacts related to the implementation of environmental measures.

Before joining I Care, Margaux worked with different research teams on issues linking Agriculture and the Economy. In particular, she modeled the effects of the CAP on the price of agricultural land and participated in a multidisciplinary reflection on the reduction of the use of phytosanitary products by farmers.

Margaux completed a master’s degree in “Public Policies and Development” at the Paris School of Economics where she worked on food behavior and public policy evaluation. She also studied Economics with a specialization in Environment at Ecole Normale Supérieure.

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