Tom Nico


Tom joined I Care & Consult in February 2018. He works mainly in the Energy-Climate division.

Before joining I Care & Consult, Tom worked on projects for the installation and maintenance of HVB electrical equipment for power grids and power plants in France and abroad, and also in the renewable energy sector on a mission to transform an internal reporting tool for the operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of solar photovoltaic plants on the ground, on the roof, and for shade.

Previously, as part of his studies, Tom worked on energy prospects integrating the contribution of Smart Grids and Smart Buildings in collaboration with research laboratories, and on financing mechanisms for the renovation of public buildings for the University Grenoble Alpes. He has also studied the issue of adaptation to climate change in some Asian countries (Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Nepal), and participates in public awareness campaigns on both the consequences of climate change and energy-climate issues.

Tom is a graduate of the Grenoble INP – Ense3 engineering school (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Energie, l’Eau et l’Environnement), in which he followed the “Energy Systems and Markets” course, as well as the economics faculty of the Grenoble Alpes University where he completed a double degree in “Energy Economics and Sustainable Development”.

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