Together with HEC deepening students’ knowledge around biodiversity challenges

Together with HEC deepening students’ knowledge around biodiversity challenges

Our biodiversity expert Eliette Verdier has spent the month of January at HEC Paris business school to deepen students’ knowledge around biodiversity challenges, caused by human activity.

After forming an alliance called the Business Schools For Climate Leadership, HEC continues to walk the talk by putting environmental topics at the heart of its education model and launching the Biodiversity Academy.

I Care, together with Quantis consultancy, has participated in the development of the Academy’s program and teaching.

Roll-out of the program

During the 3 weeks, and with 7 hours of classes per day, students in the third year of a Bachelor’s degree and the first year of a Master’s degree in the Grande Ecole curriculum were challenged to think about biodiversity challenges and the ways to reduce our impact on it.

In addition to the theoretical aspect of the courses, this Academy has the particularity of integrating an important “field” component, notably through visits to natural areas, institutions (National French Museum of Natural History and GoodPlanet Foundation), conferences, collaborative games and testimonies from companies.

We are proud to be part of this education cycle and share Eliette’s excitement:

“It is an opportunity for us, young alumni, to reflect on this first teaching block concerning the links between companies, financial players and biodiversity at HEC. After having sought to change the school’s teaching model as a student, I am happy to make a concrete contribution to the renewal of the educational offer and its openness to environmental issues.”


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