Biodiversity: Product Biodiversity Footprint mentioned in the circular economy report

ORÉE, a multi-stakeholder association, has published the guidebook “Preserving and restoring the environment through the circular economy”. Produced with the support of Citeo, GRDF, and DS Avocats, this booklet is the first in ORÉE’s new “Circular Economy and Value Creation” collection, which will include a total of 8 volumes.

Our Product Biodiversity Footprint (PBF) tool, developed in collaboration with Sayari, is mentioned as one of the solutions to help improve the consideration of biodiversity in circular economy approaches, particularly through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools.

The general methodology was developed between 2016 and 2018, and sectoral methodologies have since been developed to capture the specifics of each sector. More than 20 case studies have been carried out in a wide range of sectors: cosmetics, textiles, food processing, power generation, gas production, waste management, materials, chemistry.

The case study of our client Citeo, which used the Product Biodiversity Footprint tool to assess the impact of different packaging sectors on biodiversity, is also mentioned.

Click here to read the report (Product Biodiversity Footprint – page 13; in French).


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About Orée:

Orée is a non-profit organization founded in 1992, that brings companies and local authorities together so as to develop a thought process on their environmental impacts and, in particular, on environmental management and its practical implementation at the landscape level.

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