Public sector

Public organizations have a complex role to play in the energy and ecological transition: first of all, on their own account, as economic actors, they have a duty of exemplarity.

Second, and more importantly, they must contribute to and promote the environmental transition through a set of regulatory, fiscal and mobilization measures.

This intervention (or regulation) with the economic and institutional “ecosystem” requires an ability to project, To know its capacities of actions, to measure and evaluate the consequences. In this context, I Care supports all public actors (local authorities, public institutions, decentralized or centralized government departments) in their operational and / or strategic activities in favor of environmental transition.

Public policy design and evaluation

Upstream of the implementation of a measure or a program, the identification of the issues, the definition of strategic axes and volumes of intervention… constitute indispensable stages of “conception of public policies”. I Care & Consult has the skills to carry out this type of assignment at different scales. In addition, public policy evaluation is a broad field of action, which I Care & Consult applies to the environment field, usually with specialists in the field (Quadrant conseil, strategic partner for example). This activity may target very general programs such as more specialized local activities.

Definition of the national sustainable development strategy for sport
Action strategy to control nitrogen fertilization in the agricultural sector
Analysis of the health impacts of urban planning

Production of methods, assistance in the formalization of policies

Implementation of the energy and ecological transition requires impact assessment tools, evaluation methods, etc., dedicated to environmental issues. The mixed profiles of the I Care & Consult team (human sciences and engineering sciences) make it possible to offer services of this type, with high added value.

Elaboration of an ex post evaluation method for future investments
Analysis and identification of public policy measures and instruments for achieving a low carbon scenario
Production of tools for the analysis of resilience trajectories

Assistance to project owners for the implementation of public policies

I Care & Consult also intervenes in an operational manner in the implementation of policies or projects carried out by public actors. These services require an excellent capacity to carry out projects as well as sectoral expertise (building, transport …) and environmental (energy, climate, biodiversity …) profound.

Establishment of a regional climate and environmental observatory in Champagne-Ardenne
Analysis of vulnerability to climate change in the city of Guayaquil
Animation of the National Energy Observatory
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