Finance: training for the NEC methodology has begun

Finance: training for the NEC methodology has begun

We have started the 2021 edition training for the NEC methodology, created by the Net Environmental Contribution initiative (NECi), with the first session covering the waste and water sectors.

The training consists of 7 sessions, covering 15 sectors and a general high-level introduction to the NEC. The objective of the training is to teach participants how to use the tool autonomously for environmental assessment of investment decisions.

Created by Sycomore Asset Management, I Care & Consult, and Quantis, the NEC is attracting international interest from financial decision-makers who are looking for ways to invest more sustainably, but lack tools to assess the environmental impacts of the activities they finance.

The NEC metric is a user-friendly indicator that measures the environmental impact of economic activity, a company, an asset, or a fund, to provide a net environmental contribution value on a scale from -100% to +100%.

We would like to thank the 32 managers and analysts from Sycomore AM, SWEN Capital Partners, Iceberg Data Lab, and Quantis who attended the first session of this 7-session training cycle dedicated to the experts who use and calculate the company’s NEC metric.

Learn more about the NEC metric and the initiative: 

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