I Care is refreshing itself today

I Care is refreshing itself today

13 years of experience, offices in France and Brazil, more than 60 employees, with over 1000 projects and over 400 clients… What a ride it was and continues to be for all of us!


The world in which we work is changing every day: the requirements for economical actors are becoming more demanding and organizations are putting more willingly the environment at the heart of their decision-making and strategy.


Our team of economists, engineers, and environmental scientists has been growing over years and represents a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This creates a rich mix of talents and allows us to have a holistic understanding of main challenges across sectors, value chains, and business models.

The expansion in team and expertise, from environmental impact measuring to strategy consulting in fast-evolving fields, made the need to refresh our brand clear.


This is why today we change our name to I Care and we introduce our new slogan – “Because our impact matters”. Our impact, because we work on impact modelling and provide solutions adapted to each client to prove every day that acting for good makes perfect business sense.


While today we introduce you to our updated visual branding, stay tuned to see more news in the coming weeks!

Thank you for trusting us and working together for the last 13 years on this collective journey!


I Care

Because our impact matters

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