I Care is proud to have contributed to the WWF France study “Climate Change: The World of Sport at +2°C and +4°C”

Supported by the French Ministry of Sports, WWF France has published a study on the climate change impacts on sport. Whether in the +2°C or +4°C warming scenarios, the sport will not be spared like all human activities. This original study makes the link between climate projection data, practice locations, and vulnerability thresholds for several sports disciplines. The message is clear: in order to preserve the sports practice, we must preserve the climate.

I Care has participated in identifying, quantifying, and mapping the main possible consequences for the world of sport in France. Some of these effects of climate change are

  • The reduction in the number of days of practice
  • The probable need to relocate coastal practice sites
  • The increasing difficulty of operating grassed stadiums
  • The threat to winter sports resorts.


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