I Care supports an artistic project to further develop society’s conscience around environmental challenges

I Care supports an artistic project to further develop society’s conscience around environmental challenges

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts, I Care chooses to support the production of the theatre play “La visite curieuse et secrète” (The Curious and Secret Visit), written and interpreted by David Wahl, member of Incipit association as well as writer & producer of Les Causeries theatre project.

The play “La visite curieuse et secrète” helps to discover mysterious and sometimes forgotten links between a man and the ocean. It will delve into legends, scientific discoveries, which are sometimes still confidential, to extend our limits of imagination and discover the challenges biodiversity is facing.

The play will take place in the legendary Tropical Aquarium, based in Paris, which itself is worth a visit to further discover the life under the ocean.

President and CEO of I Care, Guillaume Neveux, says that “We see an obvious link between art and environment. Art can be an important tool in bringing society towards environmental issues through a different, non-judgmental prism. And this is the reason we have chosen to support the production of this theatre play, which will bring people closer to the life underwater and how the climate change is impacting it”.


The environmental consulting agency I Care chooses each year to support an association or associative project, which helps to fight environmental challenges or introduce society to those issues in a creative way.

The next edition of “La visite curieuse et secrete” at Tropical Aquarium will take place on 2 & 3 December 2021Learn more and book your seat (in French).


About I Care:

I Care is a leading consulting company in the environmental field. Since 2008, I Care assists companies, financial players, and public organizations in their transition towards a low environmental impact society.

From strategic thinking to operational solutions, I Care offers innovative solutions to a wide range of environmental challenges with the objective of helping society to move to a sustainable economy.

I Care’s CSR commitments.

About David Wahl:

Author and playwright, David Wahl has made his unstoppable curiosity the fuel for all his projects. After having collaborated as an author and performer with several directors and filmmakers (Julie Bérès, Damien Odoul, Caterina Gozzi…), he has devoted himself since 2013 to the writing and performance of his “talks”. Halfway between theatrical narrative and scholarly presentation, David Wahl, passionate about the history of science, interweaves scientific discoveries, founding myths and unusual anecdotes. In his works, he weaves together different fields that are often separated: theatre and science, scholarly research and popular stories, knowledge and curiosities, with a particular focus on environmental issues.
In 2017, his fourth talk, Le Sale Discours, directed by Pierre Guillois, explores our relationship to the environment and our waste. “Histoires de fouilles” (2018) continues the author’s questioning of environmental issues and emergencies, which run through his latest stories.
David Wahl has been collaborating with Teatr Piba since 2017 as an author: he wrote the show Spluj (2019) then Donvor (2020), in scientific collaboration with Ifremer. In 2020, Océanopolis commissioned him to write three mini-talks in the form of podcasts integrated into the aquarium’s tour circuit. Following his meeting with the explorer Christian Clot, he wrote a text for the film Les Hommes Paysages, as part of the ADN dance living lab festival in partnership with the Centquatre. In July 2021, David Wahl presented “Nos cœurs en Terre”, his latest creation at the Festival d’Avignon with the visual artist Olivier de Sagazan, as part of the program “Vive le sujet!”.
David Wahl is an associate artist of Océanopolis Brest, the national centre for scientific culture dedicated to the ocean.

Official David Wahl website (in French).

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